To do or not to do
There is no gay.

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Even if this is non-Creature related, this is important and applies to all YouTubers.

This video is 100% the truth.

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Being in a Skype call with me



searching something up when everyone says dont do it image

Cheap Commissions Open

Hello, my name is Haley. Recently I graduated high school, and have been looking into college. Only problem is college is expensive. I do currently have a job, but it is minimum wage, and I have very few hours, and although I am looking into a second job, it would be nice to have another source of income. I am an amateur artist, but I feel as though I am improving. My prices are very low, and I always put all my effort into my commissions. If you can buy one, donate, or even reblog/share them, I would be very grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

Price List and Information HERE

Some examples of my recent art:

More examples HERE

Me: you can talk to me whenever you feel bad! I'll always be there for you
Me: *bottles up problems* *doesnt talk about it with anyone* *lays in bed instead of trying to solve my own problems*

reblog if you are gay or an army of 10,000 skeletons